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Drawing May 24. Win a FREE PS4! - Don't miss any school from April 23 - May 24 and your name will be entered into drawing     Return library books to the MMS library.  There are 260 overdue books$5,000 worth of book!) as of May 24! Parents please help your children find their books and get them returned to the library.
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Classroom Information

Students visit the library with classes or individually with a pass. 

Library Class Manners 
Students are expected to follow the classroom and libraray expectations. 
Materials Circulation
Students may check out two books for two weeks with the option to renew if needed.
Students may check out ebooks through Destiny, the library circulation system.


Can parents check out Manor Middle School library books?

Yes, see your librarian.

How do I get my child a library card at Austin Public Library?

Contact your school librarian or Austin Public Library.

Do I pay a fine if my books is overdue?

No fines are charged for over due books. If the book is lost, stolen, or damaged, then the student  pays for the book.

May I buy a book to replace the book I lost? 

Most of the time, but talk with the librarian first.