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October 22 - 26, 2018 Red Ribbon Week   Students who are dressed as listed below will be excused from the Standard Mode of dress and if not then the standard mode of dress is required.   Theme: “Life is your journey, travel drug free”   10/22 - Lei Off Drugs - Hawaiian Wear   10/23 - Give Drugs the Boot - Western Wear   10/24 - Love Yourself by Staying Drug Free - Wear Red and/or Hearts   10/25 - Tell Drugs to Take A Hike - Hiking attire   10/26 - School/District Pride - campus or district spirit shirt


M.M.S. Standard of Dress Code

All Manor Middle School students will be expected to dress according to the district and campus dress code policies. The purpose of the standard mode of dress policy is to encourage an identity that advocates improved behavior, self-respect and rigorous academics. The school also wants to develop school spirit, positive student communication and student self-esteem. The Manor Middle School dress code is in addition to the Manor ISD dress code; it does not replace the Manor ISD dress code policy.
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