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Manor ISD Celebrates Teacher of the month for December

As part of Manor ISD continued effort to celebrate the hard work that is being done throughout the district, each principal was asked to nominate one teacher from their campus to be recognized at the December school board meeting. Congratulations to all those chosen!


Ms. Savarino 

Ms. Megan Savarino

Lagos Elementary School, Ms. Malaki Hawkins, Principal

Mrs. Savarino has high expectations of her students and she works diligently to ensure her students are strong readers and writers. Mrs. Savarino consistently works with her students in small groups as she monitors their growth in 4th grade Reading and Writing. She pushes her students to go above and beyond their limits and supports them every step of the way. Mrs. Savarino has provided campus professional development to her colleagues as well as provides support for a new teacher on campus as a campus mentor. Mrs. Savarino has worked with our assistant principal on a project that supports military personnel by collecting non-perishable food items to send overseas to our US Troops providing military service. Parents appreciate Mrs. Savarino's communication regarding their child as well as the structure she provides in a classroom setting.


Ms. Suarez

Ms. Kay Suarez

Decker Elementary School, Ms. Brandon Powell, Principal

Ms. Suarez focuses on the students' social-emotional needs as their academic needs to support the whole child. She has a positive attitude and is always willing to learn. She enriches professional learning of her colleagues by always asking questions that will make her grow as a professional. Mrs. Suarez comes to community events that the school holds and engages with parents to learn more about the students she teaches. She is always on time and has integrity in her work.


 Ms. Balboa

Ms. Jacinda Balboa

Manor New Tech Middle School, Mr. Christopher Smith, Principal

With a thorough knowledge of students and proven practices, Ms. Balboa ensures high levels of learning, social-emotional development, and achievement is attained for all students. Ms. Balboa serves as an active member of the science PLC and continues to enhance the professional community at MNTMS. With a “go above and beyond” mentality, Ms. Balboa is known for attending extra-curricular activities to support scholars from all grade levels and has volunteered to teach a social skills class for the Special Education department.



Ms. Battles

Ms. Terry Battles

Bluebonnet Trail Elementary School, Mr. Angel De Luna, Principal

Ms. Battles is diligent in ensuring every student is met at their emotional and academic level so that growth in her classroom is constant.  Ms. Battles is so positive and will lift anyone who is having a rough day. She is a breath of fresh air at BTE and is known for being caring, open-minded, and a risk taker. Ms. Battles has built great rapport with parents in her 30-year tenure at BTE. The community continues to request Ms. Battles to teach their students as she has taught several siblings in years past. BTE would not be the same without her!!!
Ms. Castanon

Ms. Jazmine Castañon

Manor New Tech High School, Mr. Bobby Garcia, Principal

Ms. Castañon works tirelessly to build a classroom culture that fosters a positive learning environment for all of her students. She has gone above and beyond to develop systems to help her scholars be successful. Ms. Castañon works inside and outside of her department to collaboratively share and model instructional practices. She has developed systems for tracking and communicating behavior with parents that truly model best practices.


Ms. Hulse

Ms. Elizabeth Hulse

Pioneer Crossing Elementary School, Ms. Eddwina Flowers, Principal

Ms. Hulse holds her students to high expectations and teaches them more than just music. Ms. Hulse is inclusive and has involved teachers in her music curriculum. She also hosts monthly grade level programs. She is a recent recipient of a Manor Innovator Grant for Cultural Awareness through Folk Dancing.

Ms. Terrell


Ms. Quevette Terrell

ShadowGlen Elementary School, Ms. Niccole Delestre, Principal

Coach Terrell tutors Tier 3 students in the area of Reading on a daily basis. She has built a rapport with many of our low performing students and encourages them to do their best each day. Coach Terrell serves as our CATCH coordinator and has planned activities to motivate the staff to maintain healthy lifestyles and have fun with fitness. We do a fitness Friday where students and teachers learn a line dance and perform it on the 1st Friday. Coach Terrell also encourages teachers to play a game with students during PE on the 3rd Friday. Coach Terrell has started Marathon Kids on our campus which allows students and parents to practice their marathon skills. The goal is for families to participate in a marathon later this school year.

Ms. Allison Ische

Presidential Meadows Elementary School, Ms. LaNica Failey

Based on DRA (English), Ms. Ische has moved her BILINGUAL students from 50% growth in October to 76% growth in November. Based on EDL (Spanish), she has moved those same students from 67% growth in October to 94% growth in November. Serving Manor ISD as a 1st-year teacher, Ms. Ische has already proved to be an excellent addition to our campus and our district!



Ms. Towles 

Ms. Kelly Towles

Early College High School, Ms. Alime Sadikova, Principal

Ms. Towles teaches rigorous English II curriculum that encourages students to excel in writing and reading. She is an English department chair and trains her colleagues weekly. She constantly stays in touch with MECHS parents and works actively with MECHS SGA. She did an outstanding job preparing teachers and 250 students for English I and II re-take.

Ms. Villegas

Ms. Yesenia Villegas

Oak Meadows Elementary School, Mr. Salvador Vega, Principal

Ms. Villegas’ ELL students consistently outperform the all student English reading groups Ms. Villegas is an excellent collaborative team member that goes above and beyond the PLC responsibilities. Ms. Villegas consistently builds caring relationships with students, parents and the community. 86% of 5th graders passed English STAAR Reading under Ms. Villegas’ direction.

Ms. Hill

Ms. Norvetta Hill

Manor Middle School, Mr. Donald Wise, Principal

Ms. Hill has been spectacular working with students in 8th-grade science. Her assessment scores have been nothing short of remarkable. She is a spectacular teacher to watch in the classroom and she works great with colleagues. Her work in PLCs has increases scores for both teams. Ms. Hill has a great rapport with students and she also has a great rapport with parents. Her kids love her and her parents are happy with how their students are doing.


Mr. Johnson

Mr. Berry Johnson

Manor High School, Mr. Jon Bailey, Principal

Mr. Johnson is an effective History Teacher at MHS, and some of his strengths are building strong positive relationships with students, inspiring intrinsic motivation, and instilling into the students what Mustang Pride looks like in action! Mr. Johnson serves as a Dept. Leader for the campus communications team, campus mentor to novice teachers, and serves on district committees as a campus rep. for MHS!!! He has gone above and beyond by helping teach two classes while there was a vacancy, help create and lead campus-wide initiatives to promote effective use of technology during instruction. Mr. Johnson was also a critical role in helping develop the campus CIP for 2018-2019 as we promote high student achievement! He is a team player and glad he works at MHS!


(Teachers not available for pictures)

 Ms. Raquel Garcia

Blake Manor Elementary, Ms. Maeliosa Morales, Principal

Ms. Garcia is a solidly dedicated educator who’s strong work ethic, dedicated attention to student engagement, ongoing attention to data analysis, and devoted attention to hands-on learning are all prime examples of how she motivates students and inspires high levels of academic growth. Ms. Garcia, with her dynamic personality, and strong classroom skills has impacted colleagues in many ways.  She has worked closely alongside her 5th-grade teammates; as an active member of the science teachers association of Texas, she also has presented at the MISD mini-CAST conference held last year at MNTM; a role she is set to repeat this year with another exciting addition to the conference roster.

Ms. Garcia actively communicates with the parents of her students via her team’s letters, email blasts, class Dojo system, and her positive reinforcement parent phone calls.  As an avid supporter of the MISD learning community, she also served as 1 of 8 MISD teachers selected to facilitate the 2017-2018 Summer STEM camp.

 Ms. Janice Johnston-Murphy

Manor Excel Academy, Mr. Jerry Statos, Principal

Ms. Murphy has had a great influence on the exceptional academic growth of our students here at MEA. She has worked with potential drop-outs to get them back on track and she’s motivated students to set goals for themselves that will ensure them a real possibility of graduating. Our students love Ms. Murphy and turn to her for support and encouragement, which she provides daily. She has shared and assisted with implementing great classroom management strategies and student engagement activities that have motivated our students and staff in ways that bring about peace and uplifted spirits. Parents have praised her efforts. Since Ms. Murphy has step foot on this campus she has been eager to help others and willing to support all students. She is always thinking of students’ needs and how she can work with them to best obtain their goals. When new students arrive she studies their transcripts to make sure that she is able to provide them with what they need, and to ensure that they are not taking courses unnecessarily. She makes every effort to guide her students towards success and raising their standards. Students and staff enjoy being able to work with Ms. Murphy.

 Ms. Monica Chambers

Manor Elementary School, Ms. Araceli Soliz, Principal

83% of Ms. Chambers' students are reading at or above grade level expectations. Her students are part of a cohort group of 1st graders that is seeing a 30% increase in their performance over this time last year.  In addition, Ms. Chambers extends her time and energy to help students in the upper grades in reading by meeting them during her free time during the day and serving as a role model for them. She is a hard working teacher that maintains a student-centered mindset at all times.

 Ms. Cathy Ivanic

Manor Alternative Program, Dr. Christopher Harvey

Over 83% of students leave MAP reporting an improvement in mathematical skills.  
Ms. Ivanic provides academic interventions for students with gaps, according to MOY, CBA, CFA, and EOC data. Ms. Ivanic is dependable, and a key part of the work we do at the Manor Alternative Program.  We are in the process of filling a teacher assistant vacancy so she currently coordinates our lunch orders (pick up and delivery), manages our community resources for students (for dress code compliance), and ensures students have work completed in their elective classes.  In addition to helping her students stay on top of their current school work, she works with campus teachers to cover when we have staff members out on leave. Our exit surveys show that 100% of parents and students believe teachers here care about their students and Ms. Ivanic is a contributor to that belief.
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