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MMS 2018-19 Standard Mode of Dress and School Supply List

Manor Middle School leaders and staff are gearing up for another exciting school year! Parents can find updated information about the standard of dress and school supplies. The school supply list can also be downloaded from the attached file below.

All Manor Middle School students will be expected to dress according to the district and campus dress code policies. The purpose of the standard mode of dress policy is to encourage an identity that advocates improved behavior, self-respect and rigorous academics. The school also wants to develop school spirit, positive student communication and student self-esteem. The Manor Middle School dress code is in addition to the Manor ISD dress code; it does not replace the Manor ISD dress code policy.

The following dress code must be followed by all Manor Middle school students:

Shirts- short or long sleeved polo style (collared) shirts.

-6th graders will wear Green, Yellow, or Orange

-7th graders will wear Blue, Purple, or White

-8th graders will wear Red, Black, or Grey 

  • Fridays will be our spirit day and students may wear a Manor Mustang or Pony shirt and Jeans. Jeans must be free of rips, holes, and tears. 
  • Pants- Plain khaki or black pant, shorts or skorts must be worn on students at the waistline at all times. Skorts must be at the approved length and must touch the tips of the fingers with arms fully extended. Pants, Shorts and skorts must be free of holes (Denim Jeans of any color, sweat pants, cargo pants are not allowed and pants may not be bound at the ankles).
  • Belts- Solid black or brown belts should be worn if pants have belt loops.
  • ‘Hoodied’ attire is prohibited.  Anything with a hood is not allowed. 
  • Headphones/earbuds are only allowed for instructional purposes and should not be seen in the hallway. 
No hoodies will be allowed.
2018-2019 School Supply List
5 packs of loose leaf paper
1 pack of 8 dividers
1 pack of #2 pencils (20 Count)
5 Spiral Notebooks
1 pencil pouch for binder
1 pack of erasers
2 composition books
1 pack of pens
1 handheld pencil sharpener
1 Three inch Three Ring Binder
1 pair of scissors
4 glue sticks
1 pack of 2 or 3 highlighters
1 box of colored pencils
1 pair headphones or earbuds
1 backpack (clear or mesh)
1 clear plastic water bottle (optional)
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