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Diverse Paths to Success. Destination Manor.
Students that have overdue books have been given notices.  Please help them get the books returned to the MMS library.  Parents are also being contacted by email, phone, or paper mail.  Thank you for your help!

GRIT: Roll Your Sleeves Up, a message from Interim Principal Elizabeth Harris


Roll Up Your Sleeves


We at Manor Middle School understand that opportunities and accomplishments do not come easily.  Accomplishments come with diligence, drive, determination, persistence, tenacity, integrity, resiliency, sacrifice, and hard work.  These are the building blocks to success that Manor Middle School teachers work to ensure we impart and students work to learn and demonstrate.  When students “get it” there is no limit on what Manor Middle School students will become in the future.  This is true Pony PRIDE.  Manor Middle School teaches students to take initiative, to understand the value of these qualities, and to start applying them.  The hope is these qualities become a part of each student intrinsically, impacting lives now so that under our watchful eye we can facilitate and guide students to practice what it means to be a student of Manor Middle School in and out of the classroom.  Therefore, collectively we give our students an edge to have courage and be confident, become more autonomous, know what success feels like, and accomplish school, job, college, career, and a quality life in general.        

~ Elizabeth Harris, Principal

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