Manor Middle School

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MMS's Learning Promise

To make me feel good about myself everyday, I will be responsible for trying my very best in everything I think, say and do. It is my job to listen to my teachers, concentrate on my task, and be polite and considerate to everyone. 
I will come to school everyday, neat and clean, ready to work and follow the rules. I want to be proud of my friends and my school. I want my friends, my teachers, and my family to be proud of me. 
Learning skills and leadership will help me be successful right now, when I go to high school, and when I go to college and get a job someday. Choices I make now affect my future. I will not choose behavior that prevents me from learning, my classmates from learning, or my teacher from teaching. My job is to listen, follow directions, and contribute in class, so I can learn. 
I am a Manor Middle School student with Pony Pride!